210k People a Month Misspell ‘Sex Chat’

‘Sex chat’, these two words are pretty easy to spell, right? According to our research the most frequently searched terms in adult entertainment industry; the most simple adult chat related terms and phrases prove to be the most commonly misspelled. Take for example the common search phrase, “Sex Chat“. Check out how many variations people type in for this phrase that is literally 7 letters and 1 space. Pretty shocking right? We thought so.

Lots of people with hand injuries apparently.
Lots of people with hand injuries apparently.

It turns out that people who are looking for sex chat online and sex chat sites type in the words sex chate, sex chet, sex chatt, sex char, sex caht, and sex cht a total of more than 210,000 times per month.

Further astonishing is that the volume of searches for these misspelled sex chat related phrases is up and continues to rise over the past decade. Consider that auto correct is search helps people learn the correct spelling of words, there must be more to the story? So what could it be that is leading to all these super simple misspellings of a phrase as simple as’ sex chat’?

Perhaps people are typing with just one hand? We’re guessing that must be it! Right? Lots of people with hand injuries who are seeking sex chat online. 🙂

According to this source a whopping 100,000 plus people each most have a near impossible time spelling this. Swingers clubs, adult dating, marries women, and casual sex were some of the other leading terms that one-handed typers look for. Here are some of the other most frequently misspelled words and phrases in the world of adult webcams, sex chat sites, and adult dating.

Who knew that cyber sex chat, sex dating, and adult webcams were such a challenge to spell!

  • sexy personals
  • adult dating
  • adult personals
  • sex personals
  • casual sex
  • adult chatrooms
  • adult chat rooms
  • swinger

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  • adult date
  • cybersex
  • sex chat rooms
  • cyber sex chat
  • swingers clubs
  • fuck buddy
  • married women
  • married but looking
  • sex finder
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  • adult personals

Clearly, there must be more to this story as to why adult chat and sex chat related searches are among those most commonly misspelled. However, we will leave it up to you to use your imagination and see if you can explain this phenomenon. Our goal at chat sites is to just share the top chat sites, and if that is what you can come looking for you will find the resources we offer helpful in ascertaining the true top 7 chat sites across all different online adult entertainment niches. Lastly, the comparison table is also featured on the home page.