Costs and Show Prices on Xhamsterlive.com

Xhamsterlive.com  is a chat site for adults like all the site we have reviews for at ChatSites.com. The services offered are chat webcam cams via live chat rooms where you can browse people who are active on their webcam. The chat rooms are for adult only and you must be 18 and over to use this site. There are no free cams chat rooms offered except you can of course join and browse.  Do not be misled though, merely joining does not get you into private sex cams shows.
For real sex webcam shows you do need to pay. Some sites sell credits while others offer direct billing. Xhamsterlive.com uses credit and tokens which is most common with adult chat sites. With that being said the costs for live sex show are very reasonable at Xhamsterlive.com . Expect to pay approximately $3.00 per minute for private adult chat at Xhamsterlive.com . When it comes to cheap adult chat sites we did find that we preferred Streamate (review at that link) because they offer direct billing which alleviates the need to prepay for credits packages and on average the costs were a bit lower. We preferred LiveJasmin (review at that link) to Xhamsterlive.com  as well due to the fact that they offered a larger selection of cam girls. I should mention though that Xhamsterlive.com has great selection as well.

Trust and Safety Xhamsterlive.com Reviews Information

There are a number of sites like Xhamsterlive.com online. Considering the fact that millions of people use sex webcam sites and lots of these people use them daily it should be no suprise that their are thousands of adult sex chat sites now; the issue is lots of these sites are not what they may seem. site safety For now let’s stick to the discussion at hand though; a Xhamsterlive.com comparison. Their sex chat rooms and adult webcam options and features are good to exceptional. Here are more specifics.

Notable Features and Things We liked at Xhamsterlive.com

  • Favorite Models: At most cam sites you can either store links to the models whom you had shows with in the past. Xhamsterlive.com was no different in that capacity. Full functionality was in place to easily contact your favorite models, providing of course that you first remembered to mark them as favorites.
  • Payment Options: Standard payment options with Epoch, SegPay and other typical payment processors were available making it easy to make payment and use this chat site.
  • Load Time / Mobile Friendly Interface: We always look at what it’s like to use each adult chat site on mobile and we pay close attention to the experience on the most popular devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Nexus. Xhamsterlive.com performed medium to outstanding on all these devices.

Things that we disliked about Xhamsterlive.com

One gripe we have about Xhamsterlive.com is the clunky and a bit outdated design. The site is due for a refreshed look in our opinion. With that being said this is also on the those things that does come down to personal preferences and you may feel differently when you try Xhamsterlive.com .

Does Xhamsterlive.com  offer Free Adult Chat?

The myth of free adult chat rooms or free adult webcams is just that; a total myth. The truth is at all the sex chat sites you get some degree of ability to peer into the rooms or be a voyeur, but ultimately for interaction with a performer you have to pay. Adult chat sites have customers and performers. The performers won’t perform unless they are motivated to do so. So to be clear Xhamsterlive.com is NOT A TOTALLY FREE ADULT WEBCAM SITE. However, there are no completely free sex webcam sites online and all adult chat sites worth using do cost money for private webcam shows.

What Xhamsterlive.com  Webcam Looks Like (Screenshot):

The home page of their sex chat rooms and webcam chat site look different based on which device you access the site on. You will see a responsive version of the site on smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices.

Conclusion about Xhamsterlive.com

The popularity of cam sex chat rooms and sex cam sites has no end in site. Adult live webcams have replaced the old school local chat rooms and the face of online chat for adults will probably never be the same. In our Xhamsterlive.com reviews we came to the conclusion that this is a great site which you can see in our adult chat reviews. It’s not the best adult chat site. However, with such a diverse amount of live chat sites for adults there are lots of great and safe alternative such as this one. Support was good, billing was easy, the costs to use the site were clear, and the value was clearly delivered for the services offered. Therefore, we had a mostly positive experience using this site. All things considered sure to visit our list of the top adult chat sites.

Conclusion about Xhamsterlive.com

We would not be doing our job if just offered only good points and limited information about all the chat sites. We want to always offer real value in our adult chat site reviews and so we will tell you when the site your considering is one we found to raise red flags. With that in mind the truth is we cannot in good faith suggest this chat site. In our Xhamsterlive.com reviews we discovered this site falls under 1 of more of the 2 categories of chat sites that we find to lack total transparency. warning The 2 types of adult chat sites we issue warnings on are those that match any of these conditions:

  1. Ourights scams; Multitudes of Reports Citing a Failure to Deliver Services as Agreed
  2. or, a Clone or White Label Site. This means a site does not control the underlining service thus they lack the authority to do anything that effects the quality of service for that particular site. In other words it maybe a brand over the top of the actual cam site that you are dealing with. We do reviews on these types of adult webcam sites so we can share with the average users who in fact they are doing business with.

In the case of Xhamsterlive.com we strongly encourage you to refer to our list of the top adult chat sites and skip over this site for one or more of these reasons. This is not an adult chat site we can recommend. You can also peruse the adult chat reviews for more sites we do suggest. top chat sites button

210k People a Month Misspell ‘Sex Chat’

‘Sex chat’, these two words are pretty easy to spell, right? According to our research the most frequently searched terms in adult entertainment industry; the most simple adult chat related terms and phrases prove to be the most commonly misspelled. Take for example the common search phrase, “Sex Chat“. Check out how many variations people type in for this phrase that is literally 7 letters and 1 space. Pretty shocking right? We thought so.

Lots of people with hand injuries apparently.
Lots of people with hand injuries apparently.

It turns out that people who are looking for sex chat online and sex chat sites type in the words sex chate, sex chet, sex chatt, sex char, sex caht, and sex cht a total of more than 210,000 times per month.

Further astonishing is that the volume of searches for these misspelled sex chat related phrases is up and continues to rise over the past decade. Consider that auto correct is search helps people learn the correct spelling of words, there must be more to the story? So what could it be that is leading to all these super simple misspellings of a phrase as simple as’ sex chat’?

Perhaps people are typing with just one hand? We’re guessing that must be it! Right? Lots of people with hand injuries who are seeking sex chat online. 🙂

According to this source a whopping 100,000 plus people each most have a near impossible time spelling this. Swingers clubs, adult dating, marries women, and casual sex were some of the other leading terms that one-handed typers look for. Here are some of the other most frequently misspelled words and phrases in the world of adult webcams, sex chat sites, and adult dating.

Who knew that cyber sex chat, sex dating, and adult webcams were such a challenge to spell!

  • sexy personals
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Clearly, there must be more to this story as to why adult chat and sex chat related searches are among those most commonly misspelled. However, we will leave it up to you to use your imagination and see if you can explain this phenomenon. Our goal at chat sites is to just share the top chat sites, and if that is what you can come looking for you will find the resources we offer helpful in ascertaining the true top 7 chat sites across all different online adult entertainment niches. Lastly, the comparison table is also featured on the home page.