Costs and Show Prices on is an older adult webcam site that we do not recommend. reviewsWhile it is not a scam it’s a very poor user experience with too few models. There are no free adult cams chat rooms offered except you can of course join and browse but that is of little value.
Expect to pay approximately $4.00 per minute for private adult chat at When it comes to low-cost adult chat sites Streamate (review at that link) offered a modern platform with way faster load times and tons more models. Much the same LiveJasmin (review at that link) blew away from the aspect of both being lower cost and having far, far more models.

Trust and Safety Reviews Information

There are a number of sites like online. Considering the fact that millions of people use sex webcam sites and lots of these people use them daily it should be no suprise that there are thousands of adult sex chat sites now; the issue is lots of these sites are not what they may seem. site safety For now let’s stick to the discussion at hand though; a comparison. Their sex chat rooms and adult webcam options and features are good to exceptional. Here are more specifics.

Things We liked at

  • The name: To be perfectly honest there is not much we liked about Naked webcams. For the person seeking webcam chat online this site simply does not compare to the more popular and modern adult webcam chat sites.

Things that we disliked about suffers in all areas from total number of models online, to average cost for sex cam shows, to load time. Likewise on mobile the site performs even worse among sex chat sites.

Does  offer Free Adult Chat?

The myth of free adult chat rooms or free adult webcams is just that; a total myth. The truth is at all the sex chat sites you get some degree of ability to peer into the rooms or be a voyeur, but ultimately for interaction with a performer you have to pay. Adult chat sites have customers and performers. The performers won’t perform unless they are motivated to do so. So to be clear is NOT A TOTALLY FREE ADULT WEBCAM SITE. However, there are no completely free sex webcam sites online and all adult chat sites worth using do cost money for private webcam shows.

What Naked Webcam Looks Like (Screenshot):

Omitted, as this is a site we do not recommend or link to we have removed this.

Conclusion about

unfortunately our reviews reflect a sad reality that the quality of this cam site is nowhere near that of the top adult chat sites.  While we’d love to report otherwise, selection is one of the key factors in providing a great user experience and this site has far too few cam girls and lacks the deep functionality of most more modern adult webcam sites.

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