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Okay so we just included Facebook since the dirty lil secret of the world is that they use Facebook for adult chat probably 10x’s as often as adult webcam sites. The only difference is you have to first know the other person and they have to be willing. 🙂 So Facebook is out. Facebook clearly was not really an appropriate site for us to include in adult chat sites reviews. They have recently introduced video and calls can be made for naughty voice chat with friends but this is not the place where you want to be looking for sex chat. It’s a violation of Facebook terms of service to introduce yourself to people you do now know and trying to do so can get your account banned.  Chat Site ReviewsFacebook is not adult friendly and for real sex webcam shows you should look at our list of the best sex chat sites for 2017. I can tell you right now that Streamate (review at that link) was the top ranked for cost and LiveJasmin (review at that link) was second for a good value as well. Facebook chat is not a sex chat site.