The Best of Chats Sites Awards recognizes top chat sites online. Let’s face it many awards are worthless and oftentimes live chat sites merely buy the awards they win. NO REALLY. Anyone who has even been to a dating conference and adult industry awards show can tell you that the industry literally gives awards to the highest bidder and then create categories for those who have paid anything to support the events. It’s sort of a tragedy as it takes away merit from adult chats sites that deserve credit based on merit. Remember merit? 


“Merit is usually the excellence that entitles to praise: a person of great merit. Desert is the quality that entitles one to a just reward: according to her deserts. Worth is always used in a favorable sense and signifies inherent value or goodness: The worth of your contribution is incalculable”


We Have No Horse in this Race…

As they say, we have no “horse in this race”. Our interest instead is just in being a transparent resource website for people to learn more about chat sites. We can maintain just fine without saying one adult chat site is better than the rest. Likewise, we will be the first to HONESTLY tell you as we have that free sex chat just does not exist in the true sense of the

Adult chat are made up of three distinct experiences. One experience of type of adult chat site is the chat site that has no cam sites and is more a 1990’s style chat rooms for sex. Chat sites like this are nearly dead. Then there are the real cam websites like Jasmin video webcams chat which offer online chat sites with live sex cams. These are the best live chat sites for the obvious reasons as far as, ‘a type of adult entertainment’ simply because they offer you true real-time view of who you are interacting and speaking with. Remember speaking is an operative term and that is something we discuss a lot in our sex chat site reviews. These are also the online web chat sites we cover and the sites we refer to when it comes to determining the top cam sites.

Categories for Best Chat Site Awards

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The 2 types of adult chat sites.

Chat for webcams or online web chat comes down to two unique types of chat sites.

  1. Freemium Chat Sites : Operates like a strip club where tons of guys throw in tips and private 1-on-1 sex cams are less of a focus. These are great live chat for website options but they stop short of the more tradition video chat sites. They do offer for a free chat for adults experience but many you have used premium private sex cams sites realize that this is oftentimes a waste of time.
  2. Premium Chat Sites : Operates where free content is really hard to find and the models usually don’t sell recorded content or share their twitter or snapchat; but they are focused on intimate real private and very naughty 1-on-1 live sex shows. These types of web chat and truly private adult chat rooms.

Both types of cam sites are popular as sex is popular, right? However, they are very different. Each year we choose the best of each of these different types of chat sites. See the chat site reviews here to learn more about the top adult chat sites.

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