Is 2017, ‘The Year of Webcam Sex?’

With the recent massive expansion of live sex chat sites and the massive influx of new cam sites for adult people everywhere are starting to ask is there a shift in human expectation in Western cultures to where live webcam sex is replacing real life intimacy. That is question we cannot answer here. However, what is certain is that millions of people are in fact replacing daily real offline sexual activity with online sex or virtual sex via webcams. This isn’t discussed much in mainstream media but that does not change the fact that it is happening. By the day more and more VR porn sites are popping up, which in many cases are being used along live webcam sex sites or to supplement live sexual entertainment.

At last count, on a global scale more than 450,000 people were currently or have at one time performed or gotten naked on live webcam for their own sexual pleasure or to pleasure a sexual partners. These statistics do beg the question if live webcam sex is changing human sexual behavior. For now, the jury is still out and more time is needed to measure if the impacts that live sex cams have on cultures changes the culture fundamentally on a, ‘sexual expectations’ level.

The Explosion of Live Sex Site Online

From the neighborhood cable guy installing high-speed 4g internet lines for the gal he went to college with to the bank teller scanning 20.00 daily charges on masses of accounts, it’s fairly clear that we (literally millions on us) are partaking in sex chat.

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