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Today we are talking about sex chat sites. Sex chat sites are places where consenting adult over the age of 18 can go to connect for hot discussions about sex related topics. These days there are literally thousands of sites where mature topics can be discussed. The bottom line is that

Sex chat sites are places that allow chat by adults about mature sexual topics. By biggest trend over the last few years is that more of these adult chat sites are offering adult webcams and many are now mobile. We share the best adult cam sites and even break them down into categories here at Mobile adult chat is the biggest development over the past few years and where the vast majority of adult chat happens. To be competitive a sex entertainment site must be mobile nowadays.

Sex talk sites are very popular.
Sex talk sites are very popular.

Today we are some of the key differences in sites that enable discussions between adults for sexual entertainment. Sex talk sites and sex sites that offer webcams are covered in this article. First of all many people are always on the lookout for hot new sex sites that offer free adult chat. Free adult chat sites simply don’t exist. The reason free sex cams are not likely to ever be mainstream is because women don’t get naked for free on cam typically unless they have a financial motivation to do so. (review at that link) purports to offer free adult webcams but they are not free at all at this site. As a matter of fact sites that offer girls live on webcam, are very competitive and the industry generates millions of dollars each week. We talked more about the types of different sex cams sites and how we judged the best adult cam sites more than once here at You can also learn more here about the dozens of chat sites that offer webcams .

Cam girl chat sites are typically those sites where cam girls talk about the live sex cams business.

There are also other types of nude chat sites that cater to adult fetish chat and other types of adult entertainment.

From the newest adult webcam site called Camgasm (review at that link) to industry leading live sex webcams site Streamate (review at that link); we offer a wealth of first hand and totally honest user experiences using all adult chat sites! Lastly, see our recommended top cam sites.


What you need to know about

Unfortunately this is another crappy clone site that is also supposedly ranked as a top 5 cam site on allegedly reputable adult chat reviews sites. What they fail to tell you is the fact that this is in fact an affiliate site that is nothing more than a clone site of reviewsYou should realize that you are actually costing cam girls money and pushing up costs for all by making the adult webcams industry more expensive when you join these duplicate sites that offer no REAL original content. They are total duplicate sites with original brands and nothing more. I am shocked that FunYou, EveCam and thousands like it are still in search results. Even more disturbing is some reviews sites claim they are the top adult webcam sites. NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. The REAL PLATFORM that is powering is all called Streamate (review at that link). Yes, streamate is a great site but if you want to become a member of that platform the last thing y ou want to do is register at

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Trust and Safety Reviews Information

There are now over 12,300 sites like online which are just hungry marketers trying to sucker you into their clone of the original site. Again, if you want to get the best values on adult chat and talk in the sex chat rooms that look as though they are on this site make sure to register at the real platform which is safety

Conclusion about

We would not be doing our job if just offered only good points and limited information about all the chat sites. We want to always offer real value in our adult chat site reviews and so we will tell you when the site you’re considering is one we found to raise red flags. With that in mind the truth is we cannot in good faith suggest this chat site. In our reviews we discovered this site falls under 1 of more of the 2 categories of chat sites that we find to lack total transparency. warning The 2 types of adult chat sites we issue warnings on are those that match any of these conditions:

  1. Ouright scams; Multitudes of Reports Citing a Failure to Deliver Services as Agreed
  2. or, a Clone or White Label Site. This means a site does not control the underlining service thus they lack the authority to do anything that affects the quality of service for that particular site. In other words it maybe a brand over the top of the actual cam site that you are dealing with. We do reviews on these types of adult webcam sites so we can share with the average users who in fact they are doing business with.

In the case of we strongly encourage you to refer to our list of the top adult chat sites and skip over this site for one or more of these reasons. This is not an adult chat site we can recommend. You can also peruse the adult chat reviews for more sites we do suggest. top chat sites button