Top Free Adult Chat Sites

Millions of people every moth look to uncover the top free sex chat. However, there is a fundamental myth that we will dispel today about adult chat, adult chat sites, and all cam sites.

Free Sex Chat, Does It Exist?

Whether you are looking for shemale cams, free gay chat, chat rooms for sex of any kind, cam websites, or any other online chat sites for adults that is totally free; you first need to ask yourself why would a normal person go online to get sex that they can easily find free offline

After you seriously question why an online chat site with naked people ready to perform truly private shows for you would be free, you will answer this question yourself.

If those of you have already tried the fake adult dating scams who will first understand and agree with what we are saying. You know, those sites that claim there are 10 women in your area ready to meet you for casual sex right now? Those sites that take your 50 bucks and then leave you high and dry except for a few bots spamming your inbox with fake message from women who are ready to fuck. Yup, those sites. The reality is if you look good enough to fuck in real life, someone wants to fuck you offline and you can make money online for sex chat.

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So now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way let me tell you what you can really get for FREE, as in totally no cost to you and no credit card required when it comes to chat sites. There are two popular types of chat sites these days and they both have 2 way webcam communications.

Free adult chat sites are worth what you pay for if you want a TRUE PRIVATE ADULT WEBCAM EXPERIENCE.
Free adult chat sites are worth what you pay for. Those of you who have experienced a TRUE PRIVATE ADULT WEBCAM SHOW will understand what I mean.

They are freemium chat sites what are like virtual strip clubs. These sites operate from the premise that like when you go to a titty bar that you will throw dollar bills at the performers. These are freemium cam sites. They operate like a voyeur site. The problem with these sites is that they are limited in their functionality on mobile devices in most cases and they are nowhere near the real deal as far as providing truly private shows where two consenting adults have a secure sex conversation on webcam. That being said some people like the limited open voyeur shows. They are not our cup of tea though for the very reason that I just said. We prefer the true adult webcam experience where it is just you and the guy or girl in a totally private adult webcam show. These sites are called ‘Premium Sites’

List of the Freemium Adult Chat Sites (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Like an open air strip club this live chat website offers open access but you still have to join to get full screen images and even then you cannot get the same experience as you would with private adult video chatting on the premium sex chat sites (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Online web chat in a similar fashion to Chaturbate but even more limited for North American users as many ladies on webcam here do not speak English. So your hindered from the aspect of real communications and private chat as well. (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Perhaps the best live chat site for adults in the freemium space but in our opinion as seasoned users of premium private live sex shows we think that online web chat should center around two adults and not an army of horny guys tossing tokens in.  That’s just our opinion of how adult chat sites should work though, and some people would completely disagree. After all when guys go to a strip club they are not looking for a sex conversation are they? No, they are looking at naked bodies. This is the finite difference between the two different sites of adult chat sites these days.

Difference Between Free and Premium Adult Chat Sites

It’s not fair or reasonable to say there is a top cam site either…and we realize that. However chat for webcams is about connection people for conversations and it’s hard to really have any conversations when the models at free adult webcam sites are bombarded with 200 or more guys trying to get their attention. Our point is at these adult chat sites they are focused on entertaining groups.

Because we respect the value of the 3 semi free or rather open freemium style adult webcam sites above we won’t discuss the true premium style cam sites or live sex webcams on this page. However, if you are new to adult chat on video you really owe it to yourself to read the list of the top adult chat sites. Lastly, we never want to steer but rather merely inform our readers all the chat site reviews are here.

The Day Free Chat Replaced Phone Sex!

Who remembers paying $4.99 for phone sex from some raspy voice sounding women? Raise your hands. Okay not all at once. The truth is not many of us will admit it if we did, but over less than 20 years free adult chat sites have replaced these activities. Commercialized phone sex offline rarely if ever happens these days unless it’s part of an adult webcam show. That’s just the truth and something millions are doing but few talk about. Here, we collected the most popular free adult chat sites and explained how they all work. However, today we just wanted to observe the day that phone sex died. Arbitrarily lets’ call it August 21st 2009; or around the time sex webcams came over the horizon.

How Al Gore Killed Phone Sex

Thanks to Al Gore, the guy who allegedly created the internet, today everyone has very little use for just chatting on the phone when you can have free adult chat at premium sex webcam sites like Streamate (review at that link) that offer live porno and live sex shows. There is no replacement for live sex shows on the internet, except perhaps more virtual reality live webcams for adults; when or if that ever becomes mainstream.

It’s a Great Thing Live Cams Replaced Phone Sex

It’s hard to compare the easy access to cheap or free sex webcams to else in adult entertainment. Who could have imagined even 10 years ago that access to nude chat sites would be so readily available and even sex chat on mobile webcams would be available to everyone over 18!

Roulette Chat Sites Give More Options

Roulette chat sites enable you to skip through hundreds of sexy girls on webcams as well as tranny girls and twink cam guys. These sites are another incarnation of adult webcams that cement the death of phone sex as far as the popular option for paid online sex based services.

Live Cam Sites are Here to Stay

Live Cam Sites are popular with people in all countries and it’s safe to say they are here to say.

R.I.P.. Phone Sex Services. Make sure to check out the list of the top adult chat sites.