2018 AW Awards Winners

Congratulations to the following winners in the Chats Sites Awards, known as the AW AWARDS standing for Adult Webcams.  There is great, then there is simply exceptional. The following adult chat webcams models and live sex webcam sites for adults are the inaugural winners. These are truly exceptional adult entertainers and the most innovative adult video chat sites on the worldwide web. It’s an honor and privilege to share this list of winner for 2018.

List of Winners:

2018 AW Awards Winners
  • Best Cam Site North America 2018 : Streamate.com
  • Best European Adult Video Chat Site : LiveJasmin
  • Best Cam Girl Overall : AmyJolie – Famous for yoga mat masturbation & current #1 model at Livejasmin
  • Top American Cam Girl :  AmberLynnXXX  Porn Star and Cam Model with more than 380 reviews!
  • Hottest Live Masturbation Show on the Internet : Brooke_synn One of Chaturbates top internet models and her private masturbation show is as hot as it gets!

Make sure to take your time to check out the recommended internet models performers above and see what set them apart from the crowd. Both in the case of the selected cam girls and cam sites, they have acheived incredible things and contine to lead in the live sex cams industry. The xxx webcams and adult chat sites business is rapidly evolving into one of the largest online entertainment businesses and it shows no weakening as we move into 2018. Today millions and millions of people from all parts of the planet use these live video adult chat sites and tens of thounsands more go to these sites for work each and every day. Adult video chat is part of the gobal economy and becoming an ever more normal activity. This too is positioned to be even more the case over coming years. As the industry matures and continues to grow we look forward to sharing our annual picks for the top adult chat sites when it comes to live sex!

Congratulations to other awards winners like XBIZ, AVN, LiveCamAwards, and AWA the Original Adult Webcam Awards as well!

Our awards come from the perspective of webmaters and users, not models.  There are 6 categories and we select the winners annually from our reviews of adult cam sites. From Las Vegas to Spain, these are the top video chat sites and internet models for 2018.

NOTE: Also make sure to see our chart of the best adult cam sites and the full xxx cam site reviews.




Costs and Show Prices on Streamate.com

Streamate.com is a sex cams chat site for those who are over 18 years of age or older. This adult webcams site is currently the most popular such site in America. What has led to the success of streamate is a radically simplified billing method and true free adult webcams access for all who register a valid credit card.

Most popula American adult webcam site.
The Current Most popular American adult webcam site.

I know what you are thinking, if it’s really free then why would I need to give them my credit card? Let’s go over the real details on how Streamate.com really works and give you insights as well into how this private sex webcams site makes money when they offer free full access.
In simple terms

Streamate.com uses billing method called direct billing and they are one of the few companies who uses this method. All other cam sites change real dollars to credit or tokens. We are simply of the opinion that the advanced leve of transparency Streamate employs is the reason why they are the 2nd largest adult webcam site in the world.

Steps to use Streamate.com are as follows:

  1. Visit the site and hit the ‘join now’ button
  2. Input credit card, choose a username and password, and hit ‘enter button
  3. Those are the only steps. You are now a free member for life.

This is where you have totally free access and where you can converse two way with tens of thousands of women and men on cam around the world. This is also where you can see what each model wants to do a totally private show with you. You can peruse the thousands of models and talk to them without it costing you money. You may also send emails free to anyone here.

What is free and what is not at Streamate.com
Streamate clearly marks everything. This ‘Enter Paid Chat’ refers to private 1 on 1 shows. You do not have to use these. The membership is free.

There is no membership costs and just joining truly does not cost you anything. I have used the site for 6 years. The reason I use the site is simply because of the way they bill me and because so many English speaking cam girls are on this site compared to others.

I simply think that it’s foolish to buy credit and/or tokens on live cam sites when you should always know that your paying more on cam sites that make you do this. I can talk with hundreds of models and see what each one charges for truly private adult webcam shows and I can easily go into those shows and exit those shows knowing exactly the time I used and what I paid for. I also am never spending money ahead of time.

Finally, if I just want to say ‘hello‘ to any cam girl you can do so here without paying a dime. The ‘enter show‘ buttons are clearly marked and I merely have to hit the ‘x‘ button for ‘exit‘ and it shows onscreen that I ended my show. Likewise, I can click on my history anytime and see all charges and I know they are rounded down to the nearest second and that the charges that will show on my statement appear as a financial services charge so you’d never tie those back to adult webcams. https://chatssites.com/site/webcam/

Direct billing and totally free access is not only uncommon with adult chat sites Streamate is the only site that offers this. The reason they offer this is because lots of people do pay and many see that adult webcam shows are a great value for adult entertainment. Considering they have cam girls from all corners of the world, there are also new ones starting everyday. The ‘New Models’ button is prominently displayed across the main header making it easy to see who is new each day and then of course by merely clicking the

Average cost minute for webcam chat rooms at Streamate.com will set you back less than $3 U.S.D..

try chat sites

Trust and Safety Streamate.com Reviews Information

Literally over 10 million people a day use live chat sites for adult and these days the main platforms like Streamate have far too much to lose to not put your safety first. Gone are the days of scams and trying to pull one over on you and the reason for this is because the adult webcams industry brings in literally billions of dollars a year. The way they get people to people coming back is to provide excellent customer service and quick follow-up in cases of technical issues.
site safetyAs far as our Streamate.com comparison this site truly offers the most versatile adult webcam options and features.

Things that Streamate.com Does Great at:

  • Payment / Billing Business Model: The only adult webcams chat site that offer TRUE direct billing. Kudos for transparency here. Cams.com (review at that link) used to also offer direct billing but in 2016 they changed to tokens.
  • Selection of American Cam Girls: Bar none Streamate has the market cornered on having the most English fluent cam girls.

    Streamate.com tags are lots of fun to use.
    Streamate.com tags are lots of fun to use.
  • Search Tags: The tags feature at Streamate is super easy-to-use and useful. For example if it’s a fetish webcam type show you can you might input the term JOI into the search bar and all those models that have been tagged for JOI which is Jerk Off Instruction would then appear on that page. Any term or search phrase you can imagine from. ‘Braces‘ to ‘Plaid Skirt‘ will return matches as there are some 60,000 models registered here.
  • Mobile Sex Cams User Experience: No matter what mobile phone you are on you can have the full adult webcams experiences here.

Areas Streamate Can Improve

A dislike I can share about Streamate.com is the fact they have no category for, ‘big butts’. Nearly ever other sex chat cams site offers this niche. I should also share I don’t think that they police the site as far as preventing models from registering in all niches. Sometimes we find a black girl under blonde co-eds using the search tabs here. They should do have their moderators be more strict on what comes up when you drill down on their search functions. try chat sites

Does Streamate.com TRULY offer Free Adult Chat?

As I say across our reviews, “The truth is at all the sex chat sites you get some degree of ability to peer into the rooms or be a voyeur”. However, you get what you pay for. Genuine premium 1-on-1 sex chat rooms are not free nor will they eve be free. So sure you can get a little bit of interaction in the completely free adult webcam chat area but realize you need to pay to play no matter where you are.

What Streamate Looks Like (Screenshot):

Again, a top-notch adult webcam chat experience on all smart phones as well as tablets.

Conclusion about Streamate.com Reviews

In the last decade there has been an explosion in popularity of webcam sex chat rooms. The truth is, like porn tubes before, live sex cams are used by people of all walks of life. 15 years ago, going into an adult video store was neccessary to see porn and it was of course all recorded content. These days you merely have to login to a cam site and anyone over 18 can get live sex or private live sex shows, and as of a few years ago you can do this on the go from a mobile phone as well. The single lady in her 50’s next door may secretly peers in on live gay sex shows, while the married husband with 3 kids may soak up private adult webcam shows with college girls over his lunch break. It’s here, live sex on webcams is a cultural phenomenon that has found its place. This is also not just true in the United States either, as a matter of fact adult webcams are more discussed and even more popular in western Europe as well as other parts of the world. In Colombia and Romania, two countries with a massive number of adult webcam studios live cams for adults are incredibly mainstream; so much so that people in those countries more often than elsewhere support there families as adult webcam performers.

Our goal is ChatsSites is to share REAL and VERY honest reviews and give responsible guidance as to which adult chat sites offer the best values. This is our #1 ranked adult chat site currently due to the fact they are the only adult webcam site offering direct billing. Our Stremate.com reviews share that this is perhaps the best value for your money among all adult cam sites. With that being said, there are a number of great sites on that list of the top adult chat sites that also offer a good value and selection.try chat sites


Costs and Show Prices on LiveJasmin.com

LiveJasmin reviews
Largest sex cams site in the world.

LiveJasmin.com is a premium chat site for adults which according to Alexa traffic statistics ranks as the #1 most visited adult sex cam site in the world. This particular website known the world over as also having the most marketing campaigns online and it’s fairly certain at one time or another you have seen a pop-under ad for LiveJasmin. Private adult chat rooms with webcams are available here with the largest selection of nude cams models.

Average sex webcams show prices at LiveJasmin.com run $2.27 per minute which is also among the lowest prices you can find online.

One aspect that keeps the prices here for these services is the supply and demand given that at any given time more than 2,000 models will be broadcasting from their bedroom cams. One thing we should point out early in our LiveJasmin reviews is that this is one of the most interactive adult webcam communities in the world and for those who have never taken the time to try LiveJasmin you can actually build your own profile here which is quite unique from other cam sites.  Also, the stream quality here leads the industry as this particular company manages all aspects of their cams business from hosting to billing. They own their own separate companies to perform these functions, hence there is also added peace of mind from the aspect of privacy and security while using adult webcams. These are both things that the average user is probably not aware of.

site safetyTrust and Safety LiveJasmin.com Reviews Information

There are not any other sites like LiveJasmin.com online except for the co-brands of livejasmin. There are white label type copies that are operated via affiliates but there are not any exact duplicates. LiveJasmin.com is a platform and the direct source of the live cam shows.  The cobrand sites are CameraBoys, MatureCams, MyCams, and Jasmin.com. It would make no sense to write separate reviews for this sites because they functional identically to LiveJasmin.com. As far as a LiveJasmin.com feature comparison we have highlighted below the things that make this adult webcam site different from the others below.

All in all they have perhaps the most refined user experience of all sites online because they have been the industry leader for so long. Yes, over the past decade a flurry of new adult webcam sites have come online and taken small bites of their market share, but LiveJasmin continues to add new features for cam girls and users and continues to grow. This is also indicative of the fact that the user base of people using adult cams is still growing fast.

Stand-out Features on LiveJasmin.com

  • Your Own Profile: Sure this is optional, but the fact is no other cam site offers the depth that LiveJasmin.com does for a user to share more about themselves. Over time if you have a favorite model this enhances the connection between people chatting on webcams.
  • Glamour Images: LiveJasmin has an initiative called LiveJasmin TV and part of their company policies for models center around putting forward quality images; speculation is that the long term benefit is that those images for both print pictures and stream quality will blend into what they have planned for the future at LiveJasmin TV.
  • Quality of Stream: Even competing adult webcam sites would tell you that the quality of the LiveJasmin streams is the industry standard. No other cam site has as secure or stable feeds. This is due in part to their servers as well as the method by which they require models to broadbcast. They have some of the more rigorous requirements but this results in crystal clear imagery for others watching cam girls at this site.
  • Mobile Sex Cams Experiences: You always get a consistent adaptation using iPhone or iPad as well as Galaxy or other Android mobile devices.
  • Tablet right  / left swipe function: This is perhaps one of the best things in the world of using adult webcams on a tablet! Currently LiveJasmin is the only site that has an AJAX style slider where you can swipe right to go to another cam girl or left to go back to the previous performer. This saves you 2 steps over other cams sites and frankly limits the appeal of using sex cams on a tablet via other platforms.
  • One click model websites and eVibra: LiveJasmin coming into 2017 has just launched model websites where models can set up their own site with their own url in a single click. This is has interesting implications if it’s adopted as well as it may be. eVibra is a new interactive tool that was also just added which brings teledildonics to LiveJasmin.

Things that we disliked about LiveJasmin.com

As far as cons of using LiveJasmin.com one must realize that the company is Hungarian and now based on Luxembourg with offices is L.A. as well as Hong Kong. Our only point that originally it’s a European design with polished sharp corners which is different from what one might expect if all the customers were American and it was just designed to appear to American users. Streamate (reviews at that link) for example is based Seattle Washington and is an American company and has a bit of a softer looking site with a white background; it appears to be more designed with the American user in mind. For those that find the red background at LiveJasmin a bit much and want to compare a site, this would be another one to try. 

Does LiveJasmin.com offer Free Adult Chat?

The myth of free chat rooms or supposedly free adult webcams is simply that. All nude chat sites where a model is waiting for you to get naked on webcam will always cost you money. Adult chat sites have to pay models and have to make a profit to stay in business. Therefore, completely free adult webcam sites simply do not exist.

What LiveJasmin.com Webcam Looks Like (Screenshot):

Whether you access LiveJasmin from an iPadAir or a Samsung Tab your always met with a smooth flowing version of the desktop site and super fast loading stream. These are the subtle things that make LiveJasmin an all around leader in the adult webcams entertainment industry.


Conclusion about LiveJasmin.com

LiveJasmin currently lands atop our list of the top 5 cam sites and overall is the #1 ranked site in the top adult chat sites chart. Sure, there are other great platforms and some adult webcam sites offered things that LiveJasmin does not, but for true premium private shows it’s rather evident that this site leads in the space.try chat sites


Costs and Show Prices on TotalWebcam.com

TotalWebcam.com is a chat site for adults like all the site we have reviews for at ChatSites.com but as you will read below it’s not a true original sex chat site, it’s a copy of one run by a webmaster to make money. The services offered are chat webcam cams via live chat rooms where you can browse people who are active on their webcam. The chat rooms are for adult only and you must be 18 and over to use this site. There are no free cams chat rooms offered except you can of course join and browse.  Do not be misled though, merely joining does not get you into private sex cams shows.Chat Site Reviews For real sex webcam shows you do need to pay. Some sites sell credits while others offer direct billing. TotalWebcam.com uses credit and tokens which is most common with adult chats sites. It is still a super fun sex cam site though!


With that being said the costs for live sex shows are very reasonable at TotalWebcam.com . Expect to pay approximately $3.00 per minute for private adult chat at TotalWebcam.com . When it comes to cheap adult chat sites we did find that we preferred Streamate (review at that link) because they offer direct billing which alleviates the need to prepay for credits packages and on average the costs were a bit lower. We preferred LiveJasmin (review at that link) to TotalWebcam.com as well due to the fact that they offered a larger selection of cam girls. I should mention though that TotalWebcam.com has great selection as well.

Trust and Safety TotalWebcam.com Reviews Information

There are a number of sites like TotalWebcam.com online. Considering the fact that millions of people use sex webcam sites and lots of these people use them daily it should be no surprise that there are thousands of adult sex chat sites now; the issue is lots of these sites are not what they may seem. site safety For now let’s stick to the discussion at hand though; a TotalWebcam.com comparison. Their sex chat rooms and adult webcam options and features are good to exceptional. Here are more specifics.

Notable Features and Things We liked at TotalWebcam.com

  • Favorite Models: At most cam sites you can either store links to the models whom you had shows with in the past. TotalWebcam.com was no different in that capacity. Full functionality was in place to easily contact your favorite models, providing of course that you first remembered to mark them as favorites. Most nude chat sites offer this feature!
  • Payment Options: Standard payment options with Epoch, SegPay and other typical payment processors were available making it easy to make payment and use this chat site.
  • Load Time / Mobile Friendly Interface: We always look at what it’s like to use each adult chat site on mobile and we pay close attention to the experience on the most popular devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Nexus. TotalWebcam.com performed medium to outstanding on all these devices.
    Site Name:
    Core Features Offered
    Real Private Chatx
    Free Chat Areax
    Spy or Voyeur Chatx

Things that we disliked about TotalWebcam.com

One gripe we have about TotalWebcam.com is the clunky and a bit outdated design. The site is due for a refreshed look in our opinion. With that being said this is also on the those things that does come down to personal preferences and you may feel differently when you try TotalWebcam.com .

Does TotalWebcam.com  offer Free Adult Chat?

The myth of free adult chat rooms or free adult webcams is just that; a total myth. The truth is at all the sex chat sites you get some degree of ability to peer into the rooms or be a voyeur, but ultimately for interaction with a performer you have to pay. Adult chat sites have customers and performers. The performers won’t perform unless they are motivated to do so. So to be clear TotalWebcam.com is NOT A TOTALLY FREE ADULT WEBCAM SITE. However, there are no completely free sex webcam sites online and all adult chat sites worth using do cost money for private webcam shows.

What TotalWebcam.com Looks Like (Screenshot):

The home page of their sex chat rooms look different based on which device you access the site on. You will see a responsive version of the site on smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices.

totalwebcam.com is an imlive clone site otherwise we could recommend it. We suggest the original platforms only unless there are special circumstances that make a site niche
The only issue we have is that ImLive.com is where you should go to use this platform because that is the ORIGINAL PLATFORM 

Conclusion about TotalWebcam.com

A fun and robust live sex cams site with solid pricing and a very good selection of cam models. 


Costs and Show Prices on EveCam.com

evecam reviews
As close to a scam as it gets, this is a clone site.

EveCam.com should be renamed ‘fake cam’ as this is just a cloned and copied version of another REAL PLATFORM operate by an affiliate. Sadly that same affiliate has a reviews site that claims this is a top cam site. Nothing could be further from the truth. That reviews site stuffs white label sites in their reviews and then makes you choose from sites they own; all just wrong.  When you use this site you’re not actually using webcams from EveCam, you’re using a different platform. Maybe we can’t call it a scam but it’s not a good user experience when you are not dealing directly with main platforms.
There is little point for us in sharing the costs of this adult chat site or featured simply due to the fact that it’s a scheme set up for others to make money off end users. While the site maybe safe, the user does not benefit when more people over the models of these sites

TIME SAVER TIPS: Streamate (review at that link) is the current price leader in adult chat sites while LiveJasmin (review at that link) leads in selection. EveCam.com, meanwhile is a clone of a site that is not even ranked.  Hence, from the perspective of both price for sex cams and selection of models this site does not meaure up.site safety

Trust and Safety EveCam.com Reviews Information

Again we think transparency is paramount with adult chat sites and this site does not disclose that the EveCam.com brand is a white label clone site. Therefore, we suggest you steer clear for that very reason.

Conclusion about EveCam.com

We would defer back to the completed list of adult chat reviews and strongly encourage you to choose an original safe platform.



We would not be doing our job if just offered only good points and limited information about all the chat sites. We want to always offer real value in our adult chat site reviews and so we will tell you when the site you’re considering is one we found to raise red flags. With that in mind the truth is we cannot in good faith suggest this chat site. In our EveCam.com reviews we discovered this site falls under 1 of more of the 2 categories of chat sites that we find to lack total transparency. warning The 2 types of adult chat sites we issue warnings on are those that match any of these conditions:

  1. Ourights scams; Multitudes of Reports Citing a Failure to Deliver Services as Agreed
  2. or, a Clone or White Label Site. This means a site does not control the underlining service thus they lack the authority to do anything that affects the quality of service for that particular site. In other words it maybe a brand over the top of the actual cam site that you are dealing with. We do reviews on these types of adult webcam sites so we can share with the average users who in fact they are doing business with.

In the case of EveCam.com we strongly encourage you to refer to our list of the top adult chat sites and skip over this sites.top chat sites button

Top Free Adult Chat Sites

Millions of people every moth look to uncover the top free sex chat. However, there is a fundamental myth that we will dispel today about adult chat, adult chat sites, and all cam sites.

Free Sex Chat, Does It Exist?

Whether you are looking for shemale cams, free gay chat, chat rooms for sex of any kind, cam websites, or any other online chat sites for adults that is totally free; you first need to ask yourself why would a normal person go online to get sex that they can easily find free offline

After you seriously question why an online chat site with naked people ready to perform truly private shows for you would be free, you will answer this question yourself.

If those of you have already tried the fake adult dating scams who will first understand and agree with what we are saying. You know, those sites that claim there are 10 women in your area ready to meet you for casual sex right now? Those sites that take your 50 bucks and then leave you high and dry except for a few bots spamming your inbox with fake message from women who are ready to fuck. Yup, those sites. The reality is if you look good enough to fuck in real life, someone wants to fuck you offline and you can make money online for sex chat.

TIP: Read our adult chat site reviews

So now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way let me tell you what you can really get for FREE, as in totally no cost to you and no credit card required when it comes to chat sites. There are two popular types of chat sites these days and they both have 2 way webcam communications.

Free adult chat sites are worth what you pay for if you want a TRUE PRIVATE ADULT WEBCAM EXPERIENCE.
Free adult chat sites are worth what you pay for. Those of you who have experienced a TRUE PRIVATE ADULT WEBCAM SHOW will understand what I mean.

They are freemium chat sites what are like virtual strip clubs. These sites operate from the premise that like when you go to a titty bar that you will throw dollar bills at the performers. These are freemium cam sites. They operate like a voyeur site. The problem with these sites is that they are limited in their functionality on mobile devices in most cases and they are nowhere near the real deal as far as providing truly private shows where two consenting adults have a secure sex conversation on webcam. That being said some people like the limited open voyeur shows. They are not our cup of tea though for the very reason that I just said. We prefer the true adult webcam experience where it is just you and the guy or girl in a totally private adult webcam show. These sites are called ‘Premium Sites’

List of the Freemium Adult Chat Sites

Chaturbate.com (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Like an open air strip club this live chat website offers open access but you still have to join to get full screen images and even then you cannot get the same experience as you would with private adult video chatting on the premium sites.free sex chat sites

BongaCams.com (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Online web chat in a similar fashion to Chaturbate but even more limited for North American users as many ladies on webcam here do not speak English. So your hindered from the aspect of real communications and private chat as well.

CamSoda.com (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Perhaps the best live chat site for adults in the freemium space but in our opinion as seasoned users of premium private live sex shows we think that online web chat should center around two adults and not an army of horny guys tossing tokens in.  That’s just our opinion of how adult chat sites should work though, and some people would completely disagree. After all when guys go to a strip club they are not looking for a sex conversation are they? No, they are looking at naked bodies. This is the finite difference between the two different sites of adult chat sites these days.

Difference Between Free and Premium Adult Chat Sites

It’s not fair or reasonable to say there is a top cam site either…and we realize that. However chat for webcams is about connection people for conversations and it’s hard to really have any conversations when the models at free adult webcam sites are bombarded with 200 or more guys trying to get their attention. Our point is at these adult chat sites they are focused on entertaining groups.

Because we respect the value of the 3 semi free or rather open freemium style adult webcam sites above we won’t discuss the true premium style cam sites or live sex webcams on this page. However, if you are new to adult chat on video you really owe it to yourself to read the list of the top adult chat sites. Lastly, we never want to steer but rather merely inform our readers all the chat site reviews are here.