The Day Free Chat Replaced Phone Sex!

Who remembers paying $4.99 for phone sex from some raspy voice sounding women? Raise your hands. Okay not all at once. The truth is not many of us will admit it if we did, but over less than 20 years free adult chat sites have replaced these activities. Commercialized phone sex offline rarely if ever happens these days unless it’s part of an adult webcam show. That’s just the truth and something millions are doing but few talk about. Here, we collected the most popular free adult chat sites and explained how they all work. However, today we just wanted to observe the day that phone sex died. Arbitrarily lets’ call it August 21st 2009; or around the time sex webcams came over the horizon.

How Al Gore Killed Phone Sex

Thanks to Al Gore, the guy who allegedly created the internet, today everyone has very little use for just chatting on the phone when you can have free adult chat at premium sex webcam sites like Streamate (review at that link) that offer live porno and live sex shows. There is no replacement for live sex shows on the internet, except perhaps more virtual reality live webcams for adults; when or if that ever becomes mainstream.

It’s a Great Thing Live Cams Replaced Phone Sex

It’s hard to compare the easy access to cheap or free sex webcams to else in adult entertainment. Who could have imagined even 10 years ago that access to nude chat sites would be so readily available and even sex chat on mobile webcams would be available to everyone over 18!

Roulette Chat Sites Give More Options

Roulette chat sites enable you to skip through hundreds of sexy girls on webcams as well as tranny girls and twink cam guys. These sites are another incarnation of adult webcams that cement the death of phone sex as far as the popular option for paid online sex based services.

Live Cam Sites are Here to Stay

Live Cam Sites are popular with people in all countries and it’s safe to say they are here to say.

R.I.P.. Phone Sex Services. Make sure to check out the list of the top adult chat sites.

Sexting Chat a Passing Fad?

Statistics about the number of people who participate in live sexting chat with their casual friends are staggering. Is this a generational shift or a passing fad? There is really no way to know for sure but what we observe here at Chat Site Reviews is that their seems to be less sexting going on over the past 3 to 5 years as live sex webcam sites have become so mainstream. Sites like Chaturbate (review at that link) and Flirt4Free (review at that link)

How Did Live Sex Chat Get So Popular

Remember those days of AOL chat and phone sex before that? Those days are gone. Like a cutout of the Wonder Years, all we have are the memories of a more pure time. 🙂 However, it’s not so bad because todays’ technology allows near instant gratification for all those looking for no string attached adult fun. People can chat about sex online with others in any country and now there are more and more sex cam chat sites and adult chat rooms to choose from. More selection and freedom can never be a bad thing. Right? Likewise these days fetish chat is also a popular trends. Who could have imagined that would be true even a decade ago?

We Compared the Best Sex Chat Sites

The core focus of our site is to give you detailed and reliable first hand information about the top adult chat sites. We cover all the most popular sex chat sites and give you the important details on which adult chat sites offer what and what each site costs. There are many different types of free adult chat room sites and sex cam sites and each variation offers different things. We give you the details in a neutral fashion so you have the facts to make a decision on whether any particular site if worth your time in giving that site a try. We also dispell rumors on live sex chat sites and whether totally free sex webcams exist. Many adult sex cams websites claim to be free, but just as the case with adult dating site scams you do have to be careful in choosing a trustworthy adult webcam site. The information about costs of different top sex chat sites in our table will save you load of time!