2018 AW Awards Winners

Congratulations to the following winners in the Chats Sites Awards, known as the AW AWARDS standing for Adult Webcams.  There is great, then there is simply exceptional. The following adult chat webcams models and live sex webcam sites for adults are the inaugural winners. These are truly exceptional adult entertainers and the most innovative adult video chat sites on the worldwide web. It’s an honor and privilege to share this list of winner for 2018.

List of Winners:

2018 AW Awards Winners
  • Best Cam Site North America 2018 : Streamate.com
  • Best European Adult Video Chat Site : LiveJasmin
  • Best Cam Girl Overall : AmyJolie – Famous for yoga mat masturbation & current #1 model at Livejasmin
  • Top American Cam Girl :  AmberLynnXXX  Porn Star and Cam Model with more than 380 reviews!
  • Hottest Live Masturbation Show on the Internet : Brooke_synn One of Chaturbates top internet models and her private masturbation show is as hot as it gets!

Make sure to take your time to check out the recommended internet models performers above and see what set them apart from the crowd. Both in the case of the selected cam girls and cam sites, they have acheived incredible things and contine to lead in the live sex cams industry. The xxx webcams and adult chat sites business is rapidly evolving into one of the largest online entertainment businesses and it shows no weakening as we move into 2018. Today millions and millions of people from all parts of the planet use these live video adult chat sites and tens of thounsands more go to these sites for work each and every day. Adult video chat is part of the gobal economy and becoming an ever more normal activity. This too is positioned to be even more the case over coming years. As the industry matures and continues to grow we look forward to sharing our annual picks for the top adult chat sites when it comes to live sex!

Congratulations to other awards winners like XBIZ, AVN, LiveCamAwards, and AWA the Original Adult Webcam Awards as well!

Our awards come from the perspective of webmaters and users, not models.  There are 6 categories and we select the winners annually from our reviews of adult cam sites. From Las Vegas to Spain, these are the top video chat sites and internet models for 2018.

NOTE: Also make sure to see our chart of the best adult cam sites and the full xxx cam site reviews.



Best BBW Chat Sites

As of late we have noticed that nude bbw chat sites are becoming very popular and so today we wanted to share a few of the latest finds we have made as far as cool and fun bbw cam sites. First let’s discuss Home Live Webcams. Home Live Webcams ™ is a trusted general adult chat site used by literally thousands of men and women everyday, but what stands out about this live cam site is the truly large amount of bbw webcam girls doing adult cam shows here. As a matter of fact, at last glance there were over 3,000 active bbw girls on webcams here. This bbw cam site offers over some of the cheapest BBW live sex shows as well. However, there are also a few other newer bbw sex chat sites that are very worthy of mentioning as well in this niche. These include sites that offer BBW nude live webcams  but also offer live sex chat of all types.

BBW Cam Sites Popularity on Rise

Before we delve into the next site it should be noted that just a few years ago BBW singles communities, like a the top free bbw dating site was were where lots of curvy ladies would enjoy adult chat, however as webcam sites have started to cater more to the bbw community and to men who prefer thick and curvy women more and more bbw women are using cam sites. These bbw women are focusing on the cam sites where apparently men are specifically looking for SSBBW cam girls and BBW cam girls. Thousands of bbw girls like Geekfreak at HomeWebcamModels.com are getting quite a following! (not to mention making money). BBW models wanting to broadcast here can register here.

Geekfreak at HomeWebcamModels.com one of thousands of hot BBW cam girls.


Fun and New BBW Sex Chat Options

Some of the other bbw live cam girls destinations we took note of were these 2.

  1. StripChat: Another mainstream top cam site as you can read in our StripChat reviews, this cam site offers a plethora of BBW live cam models, and girls as well as guys of all shapes and sizes. StripChat.com is a neat new cam site.
  2. Camgasm: Camgasm also is a neat new-ish site with lots of bbw sex webcams as well as trans and even male cam models. Some of the BBW cam girls were stunning we saw here! We also wrote camgasm.com reviews a few months ago if you want to learn more about that top cam site. Camgasm.com also got two thumbs up, but stripchat seemed to have more curvy hot webcam girls!
Click to try this bbw cams site.

Lastly remember we have summarized the top cam site in our table with comparisons of each so make sure to check that out and stay informed about the differences in values and costs for each of the top cam sites. We also did a wrap up of the top fetish cam sites which some of you maybe interested to read.


Sex Chat Sites Explained…

Today we are talking about sex chat sites. Sex chat sites are places where consenting adult over the age of 18 can go to connect for hot discussions about sex related topics. These days there are literally thousands of sites where mature topics can be discussed. The bottom line is that

Sex chat sites are places that allow chat by adults about mature sexual topics. By biggest trend over the last few years is that more of these adult chat sites are offering adult webcams and many are now mobile. We share the best adult cam sites and even break them down into categories here at ChatsSites.com. Mobile adult chat is the biggest development over the past few years and where the vast majority of adult chat happens. To be competitive a sex entertainment site must be mobile nowadays.

Sex talk sites are very popular.
Sex talk sites are very popular.

Today we are some of the key differences in sites that enable discussions between adults for sexual entertainment. Sex talk sites and sex sites that offer webcams are covered in this article. First of all many people are always on the lookout for hot new sex sites that offer free adult chat. Free adult chat sites simply don’t exist. The reason free sex cams are not likely to ever be mainstream is because women don’t get naked for free on cam typically unless they have a financial motivation to do so. FreeWebcams.com (review at that link) purports to offer free adult webcams but they are not free at all at this site. As a matter of fact sites that offer girls live on webcam, are very competitive and the industry generates millions of dollars each week. We talked more about the types of different sex cams sites and how we judged the best adult cam sites more than once here at ChatsSites.com. You can also learn more here about the dozens of chat sites that offer webcams .

Cam girl chat sites are typically those sites where cam girls talk about the live sex cams business.

There are also other types of nude chat sites that cater to adult fetish chat and other types of adult entertainment.

From the newest adult webcam site called Camgasm (review at that link) to industry leading live sex webcams site Streamate (review at that link); we offer a wealth of first hand and totally honest user experiences using all adult chat sites! Lastly, see our recommended top cam sites.

Top Free Adult Chat Sites

Millions of people every moth look to uncover the top free sex chat. However, there is a fundamental myth that we will dispel today about adult chat, adult chat sites, and all cam sites.

Free Sex Chat, Does It Exist?

Whether you are looking for shemale cams, free gay chat, chat rooms for sex of any kind, cam websites, or any other online chat sites for adults that is totally free; you first need to ask yourself why would a normal person go online to get sex that they can easily find free offline

After you seriously question why an online chat site with naked people ready to perform truly private shows for you would be free, you will answer this question yourself.

If those of you have already tried the fake adult dating scams who will first understand and agree with what we are saying. You know, those sites that claim there are 10 women in your area ready to meet you for casual sex right now? Those sites that take your 50 bucks and then leave you high and dry except for a few bots spamming your inbox with fake message from women who are ready to fuck. Yup, those sites. The reality is if you look good enough to fuck in real life, someone wants to fuck you offline and you can make money online for sex chat.

TIP: Read our adult chat site reviews

So now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way let me tell you what you can really get for FREE, as in totally no cost to you and no credit card required when it comes to chat sites. There are two popular types of chat sites these days and they both have 2 way webcam communications.

Free adult chat sites are worth what you pay for if you want a TRUE PRIVATE ADULT WEBCAM EXPERIENCE.
Free adult chat sites are worth what you pay for. Those of you who have experienced a TRUE PRIVATE ADULT WEBCAM SHOW will understand what I mean.

They are freemium chat sites what are like virtual strip clubs. These sites operate from the premise that like when you go to a titty bar that you will throw dollar bills at the performers. These are freemium cam sites. They operate like a voyeur site. The problem with these sites is that they are limited in their functionality on mobile devices in most cases and they are nowhere near the real deal as far as providing truly private shows where two consenting adults have a secure sex conversation on webcam. That being said some people like the limited open voyeur shows. They are not our cup of tea though for the very reason that I just said. We prefer the true adult webcam experience where it is just you and the guy or girl in a totally private adult webcam show. These sites are called ‘Premium Sites’

List of the Freemium Adult Chat Sites

Chaturbate.com (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Like an open air strip club this live chat website offers open access but you still have to join to get full screen images and even then you cannot get the same experience as you would with private adult video chatting on the premium sites.free sex chat sites

BongaCams.com (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Online web chat in a similar fashion to Chaturbate but even more limited for North American users as many ladies on webcam here do not speak English. So your hindered from the aspect of real communications and private chat as well.

CamSoda.com (review at that link or try the site) NOTES: Perhaps the best live chat site for adults in the freemium space but in our opinion as seasoned users of premium private live sex shows we think that online web chat should center around two adults and not an army of horny guys tossing tokens in.  That’s just our opinion of how adult chat sites should work though, and some people would completely disagree. After all when guys go to a strip club they are not looking for a sex conversation are they? No, they are looking at naked bodies. This is the finite difference between the two different sites of adult chat sites these days.

Difference Between Free and Premium Adult Chat Sites

It’s not fair or reasonable to say there is a top cam site either…and we realize that. However chat for webcams is about connection people for conversations and it’s hard to really have any conversations when the models at free adult webcam sites are bombarded with 200 or more guys trying to get their attention. Our point is at these adult chat sites they are focused on entertaining groups.

Because we respect the value of the 3 semi free or rather open freemium style adult webcam sites above we won’t discuss the true premium style cam sites or live sex webcams on this page. However, if you are new to adult chat on video you really owe it to yourself to read the list of the top adult chat sites. Lastly, we never want to steer but rather merely inform our readers all the chat site reviews are here.

210k People a Month Misspell ‘Sex Chat’

‘Sex chat’, these two words are pretty easy to spell, right? According to our research the most frequently searched terms in adult entertainment industry; the most simple adult chat related terms and phrases prove to be the most commonly misspelled. Take for example the common search phrase, “Sex Chat“. Check out how many variations people type in for this phrase that is literally 7 letters and 1 space. Pretty shocking right? We thought so.

Lots of people with hand injuries apparently.
Lots of people with hand injuries apparently.

It turns out that people who are looking for sex chat online and sex chat sites type in the words sex chate, sex chet, sex chatt, sex char, sex caht, and sex cht a total of more than 210,000 times per month.

Further astonishing is that the volume of searches for these misspelled sex chat related phrases is up and continues to rise over the past decade. Consider that auto correct is search helps people learn the correct spelling of words, there must be more to the story? So what could it be that is leading to all these super simple misspellings of a phrase as simple as’ sex chat’?

Perhaps people are typing with just one hand? We’re guessing that must be it! Right? Lots of people with hand injuries who are seeking sex chat online. 🙂

According to this source a whopping 100,000 plus people each most have a near impossible time spelling this. Swingers clubs, adult dating, marries women, and casual sex were some of the other leading terms that one-handed typers look for. Here are some of the other most frequently misspelled words and phrases in the world of adult webcams, sex chat sites, and adult dating.

Who knew that cyber sex chat, sex dating, and adult webcams were such a challenge to spell!

  • sexy personals
  • adult dating
  • adult personals
  • sex personals
  • casual sex
  • adult chatrooms
  • adult chat rooms
  • swinger

    These days adult chat usually leads to live webcam sites for adults.
    TO VISIT THIS MODEL CLICK HERE – These days adult chat usually leads to live webcam sites for adults.
  • adult date
  • cybersex
  • sex chat rooms
  • cyber sex chat
  • swingers clubs
  • fuck buddy
  • married women
  • married but looking
  • sex finder
  • swingers club
  • sex web cams
  • sex dating
  • adult web cams
  • sex web cams
  • sex webcams
  • adult chat
  • adult chat rooms
  • porn chat
  • chat sex
  • webcam sex
  • live webcams
  • sex cams
  • sex cam
  • web cam sex
  • webcams adult
  • adult webcam
  • live sex cams
  • hot cam girls
  • adult web cam
  • adult cams
  • adult dating
  • adult personals

Clearly, there must be more to this story as to why adult chat and sex chat related searches are among those most commonly misspelled. However, we will leave it up to you to use your imagination and see if you can explain this phenomenon. Our goal at chat sites is to just share the top chat sites, and if that is what you can come looking for you will find the resources we offer helpful in ascertaining the true top 7 chat sites across all different online adult entertainment niches. Lastly, the comparison table is also featured on the home page.

Is 2017, ‘The Year of Webcam Sex?’

With the recent massive expansion of live sex chat sites and the massive influx of new cam sites for adult people everywhere are starting to ask is there a shift in human expectation in Western cultures to where live webcam sex is replacing real life intimacy. That is question we cannot answer here. However, what is certain is that millions of people are in fact replacing daily real offline sexual activity with online sex or virtual sex via webcams. This isn’t discussed much in mainstream media but that does not change the fact that it is happening. By the day more and more VR porn sites are popping up, which in many cases are being used along live webcam sex sites or to supplement live sexual entertainment.

At last count, on a global scale more than 450,000 people were currently or have at one time performed or gotten naked on live webcam for their own sexual pleasure or to pleasure a sexual partners. These statistics do beg the question if live webcam sex is changing human sexual behavior. For now, the jury is still out and more time is needed to measure if the impacts that live sex cams have on cultures changes the culture fundamentally on a, ‘sexual expectations’ level.

The Explosion of Live Sex Site Online

From the neighborhood cable guy installing high-speed 4g internet lines for the gal he went to college with to the bank teller scanning 20.00 daily charges on masses of accounts, it’s fairly clear that we (literally millions on us) are partaking in sex chat.

For more on which sex chat sites are best, read our chat site reviews.

Likewise learn which sites you can really trust with the table that compares them all and ACTUALLY shows you the top chat sites.

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